04 June 2018

Good afternoon Clive

Normally management always hear the complaints of customers. I would like to really brighten up your day. About a month ago I booked our Ertiga in for the 75.000 kilometre service for Saturday 02/06/2018.Our circumstances changed and we had to be O.R.Tambo at 10h00. I spoke to Deon and told him about our predicament , to him it was only a minor problem .He then arranged everything, the person to skim the front discs , the technicians to work on the car, everybody was at Bramley before 07h00 on Saturday.My wife and I were at O.R.Tambo before 10h00.I have never in my life seen such friendly, excellent service from anybody.To Deon and all the staff, tea lady, receptionist, technicians, salesmen everybody you are absolutely fantastic. The staff that my wife and I have dealt with on Saturday, and also previouslyare amazing. You not only walk the extra mile you do a thousand miles.

Clive should you so wish you may with the greatest of pleasure use this letter in any of your advertisments .

Arthur Ferreira