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    FromR  232 980

    JIMNY1.3 MT
    • Service Plan:4 yr / 60 000 km
    • Power kW:63 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:7.2 litres
    • Tank Capacity:40 litres


    There’s no mistaking the strong and unique style of the Jimny, built on 40 years of rugged 4X4 adventure. The Jimny is extremely driver friendly. On the road and in the rough, its high-performance features make handling easy for professionals and novices alike. Where you point, the Jimny follows.

    Compact dimensions help you slip through heavy traffic and into small parking spaces with ease, while off the beaten track they help you squeeze between boulders and trees. Unbeaten paths that would challenge other vehicles are an absolute breeze in the Jimny. You’ll climb hills with confidence thanks to generous approach and departure angles. Drive action 4×4 with low range and excellent traction enhanced by excellent wheel articulation. You could say it has 4X4XFUN in its DNA



    FromR  120 220

    CELERIO 1.0 GL 5MT
    • Service Plan:2 yr / 30 000 km
    • Power kW:50 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:4,6 litres
    • Tank Capacity:35 litres


    There comes a time when a car becomes more than just a car. The Celerio is one such. It’s the kind of daily companion that evokes XL emotions of satisfaction, happiness and absolute joy. It may be a small car in size but it’s packed with a BIG personality.

    Equipped to change the way you drive your daily life, this XL Small car is Xtra roomy, comfortable, and spacious and will take you the extra mile with its class-leading XL fuel efficiency of 4.6l per 100kms. If you crave more from life, the Celerio’s automatic manual transmission (Auto Gear Shift) feature allows you to experience the ease of an automatic with the fuel efficiency of a manual; and if you feel like switching to manual transmission then hey, go XL – because you can.

  • CIAZ


    FromR  185 138

    CIAZ 1.4 GL 5MT
    • Service Plan:3 yr / 60 000 km
    • Power kW: 70 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:5,4 litres
    • Tank Capacity:43 litres


    All naysayers, cynics and critics are stepping aside, and rolling out the red carpet for the all new Suzuki Ciaz. This elegant, full-sized family sedanencompasses a powerful mix of sophisticated features, incredible interior and boot space, fuel efficiency, safety and value.

    Not only does its style make the lights turn green, but the Ciaz’s quiet confidence and bold stance reveals a kind of attitude that defies norms. Whether it’s the manual transmission or the automatic variant, it is at the heart of the Ciaz that lies a highly efficient 1.4 engine that delivers robust performance without compromising fuel-efficiency.

    Make way South Africa, once you’re behind the wheel of the Ciaz, the only thing ahead of you is an open road.



    FromR  134 200

    SWIFT 1.2 GA M/T
    • Service Plan:2 yr / 30 000 km
    • Power kW:63 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:5.3 litres
    • Tank Capacity:42 litres


    More styling. More space. More driving. More performance. Simply put: More Swift. A philosophy aimed at evolving the already successful Swift into a car that’s improved on every level. If you’re looking for a car that’ll fit in with your values and complements your fast-paced lifestyle, the Swift is the complete package.

    From the minute you open the door and sit inside, dynamic performance and energy exude from every angle in the cabin. Suzuki took one of the world’s sportiest hatchbacks and turned it into a vehicle with sprightly performance. While being sensitive to the ecosystem, a fuel-efficient vehicle was produced for drivers to appreciate and for the environment to love.

    Now everyone can own a Swift from the 1.2 Hatchback to the Swift Sport 1.6, there’s a Swift for everybody.



    FromR  178 138

    ERTIGA 1.4 GA
    • Service Plan:4 yr / 60 000 km
    • Power kW:70 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:6,6 litres
    • Tank Capacity:45 litres


    LUV is a Life Utility Vehicle that is here to transform the way you live and drive your life. The all-new Ertiga, an ergonomically designed seven-seater MPV with a powerful and responsive engine, brought together in a stylish design to create a new-car category, is the latest edition to the Suzuki family.

    Open the door of the Ertiga and step into a world where elegance meets comfort, with enough space to optimise the convenience of the driver and all passengers. The Ertiga’s competent 1.4-litre engine (with fuel consumption of only 6.6 litres per 100km)* is the most fuel-efficient people-carrier in its class, which explains its effortless driving abilities both in the city and on highways.

    Whether you’re driving the kids to school in rush-hour traffic, taking the family on a weekend excursion to the zoo, or courtesy transporting guests between hotels and airports, the practical Ertiga will take you there.



    FromR  330 200

    GRAND VITARA 2.4 Dune
    • Service Plan:6 yr / 90 000 km
    • Power kW:122 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:-
    • Tank Capacity:66 litres


    The new Grand Vitara, a compact SUV is the ideal road companion when you’re looking for a vehicle that gives you everything you need to get out, explore and turn every journey into an unforgettable adventure.

    The aesthetically upgraded Grand Vitara Summit’s silver-painted roof rails, dark chrome grille and new dark silver alloys makes a powerful statement with its combination of contemporary styling and functional design. Step inside to bask in the pleasure of the suede and fabric seats, champagne-gold interior finishes and cloth-accented door trims with stylish stitching; then realise that life in a Grand Vitara is a life worth living.

    With available 4-Mode 4WD and rigid reinforced unibody structure, you’re ready for almost any driving challenge. From long treks through the rain and muddy off-road trails to excursions along the ocean’s edge, the Grand Vitara can handle it all with a combination of affordability and performance. Even if you’re just grabbing groceries or hauling the kids around after school, this hard-charging SUV is ready to oblige.



    FromR  247 718

    • Service Plan:4 yr / 60 000 km
    • Power kW:86 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:5.8 litres
    • Tank Capacity:47 litres


    The first-generation Suzuki Vitara made its début back in 1988 when Suzuki’s vision of an all-wheel drive turned into reality with the launch of an authentically compact SUV with rugged lines and enhanced driving dynamics. More than twenty five years later, the Suzuki Vitara’s heritage is embodied in a fresh sport utility vehicle incarnation. The all new Vitara features smaller dimensions that meet contemporary needs. It incorporates Suzuki’s cuting-edge AllGrip technology,comfortable on-road performance and genuine off-road capability to fully show off its changes in body size and powertrain.

    The new Vitara expresses Suzuki’s SUV styling heritage in a strong, muscular design. Its essence is revealed through the clamshell bonnet, front bumper as well as the flared and modernised fender garnish, to give the front end a look of solidity. With an extensive range of accessories, interior trims to mix and match, and two-tone exterior colours to choose from, ‘you are what you drive’ takes on a whole new meaning in the Vitara. Make your selections and enjoy all the attention from your new admirers.

  • Baleno


    FromR  186 440

    Baleno 1.4 GL MT
    • Service Plan:4 yr / 60 000 km
    • Power kW:68 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:5.1 litres
    • Tank Capacity:37 litres


    What drives you?

    Is it space, economy and safety? The convenience of a hatchback? Or is it the thrill of dynamic, powerful design and technology that work in perfect synchronicity?

    With perfectly-designed, sleek curves inside and out, unmatched space, and attention to detail, the appeal of the Baleno is crystal clear. The Baleno's advanced driving technology gives you a rush of pulse-pumping satisfaction, and delivers a driving experience like no other.



    FromR  117 360

    • Service Plan:-
    • Power kW:54 kW
    • Fuel per 100km:-
    • Tank Capacity:30 litres


    The new-generation Super Carry, the ultra-compact bakkie, with its cab-over design and large load deck, should attract small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking a lightweight, user-friendly workhorse with exceptional load carrying capacity linked to low running costs. The latest Super Carry boasts an impressive payload of 750 kg, together with a class-best load bay width of 1,49 m, while a 175 mm ground clearance allows the compact bakkie to traverse challenging terrain. A turning circle of just 8,6 m ensures exceptional agility and maneuverability, even in tight spaces. Powering the new Super Carry is Suzuki’s tried and tested GB12 four-cylinder petrol engine. The multi-point fuel-injected unit has a maximum power output of 54 kW at 6 000 r/min, combined with a 101 Nm torque maximum at 3 000 r/min. The gearbox is a five-speed manual powering the rear wheels.


    FromR  169 900

    Ignis 1.2 GL 5MT
    • Service Plan:2 yr / 30 000 km
    • Power kW:61 kw
    • Fuel per 100km:4.9 litres
    • Tank Capacity:32 litres


    Your time is now. Use it to design, to innovate, to grow. Create a space for yourself. Map your life and follow your own road. customise your experiences, and tell your own story.

    Be like no other. Original. Independent. The new generation.

    Ignis. Like No Other.

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Appointed as one of the original standalone Suzuki Dealers by Suzuki Auto South Africa in 2008, Suzuki Bramley has grown to become a top performing entity enjoying the support of countless happy Suzuki owners.

The company was founded by Clive van Kerckhoven who had the desire to operate a motor vehicle dealership that would serve the interest of the customer first and to create an environment that would be special, warm and nurturing for all who work, visit or do business there.

The experience speaks for its self, your interaction with the team at Suzuki Bramley reflects a caring and professional attitude of how we can best serve you. A visit to Suzuki Bramley is like going to a place of comfort where you feel you belong to what can only be described as the Suzuki Bramley Family.

With a proud tradition of delivering the best, Suzuki Bramley has enjoyed many accolades and awards year after year. The achievement of Suzuki Auto Dealer of the Year in 2010, 2013 and 2015 speaks volumes, but they don’t let it rest there, they are constantly innovating and perfecting ways to make their customers ownership experience exceptional. Exceptional Ownership Experience is a philosophy that they practice and are constantly perfecting in their drive to achieve excellence.












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The Suzuki Yes Approved Pre-owned Car programme is aligned with our Suzuki Care! Philosophy. It is designed to make life as easy as possible for all customers and ensures we meet your specific needs. Our expertise with over 100 years of innovation means that not only do we have a wide range of great quality vehicles, but we offer a great service too, so you are ensured that your buying experience goes as smoothly and hassle free as possible.

We invite you to relax, enjoy buying the car of your dreams and be rest assured all the details will be taken Care! of for you.

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